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John Besford was universally regarded as

one of, if not THE, leading prosthodontist in the country. 

He has now retired from clinical practice and very recently also retired as a lecturer. However, his passion for outstanding patient care and excellence in prosthodontics remains undimmed. Through the club which bears his name he continues to inspire the new generations of dentists to aspire to his outstanding levels of excellence.


1.  To share knowledge and experience in ways of helping people who have been deprived of teeth to regain some of their dental identity and completeness as well as confidence in their social, personal, professional and family lives.

2.  By meeting twice a year for such exchanges and for instruction by recognised experts, to improve the service we provide for wearers of removable and other dental prostheses.

3.  Between meetings to create a communication network in which members can confidently request advice and assistance from other members in dealing with clinical and laboratory problems.

4.  To maintain the atmosphere of courtesy, goodwill, and levity which has characterised The Club since its spontaneous beginning.

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